Advanced Pet Pain Management


Many studies in veterinary and human medicine have proven that a multimodal approach to pain management allows for faster healing time, decreased stress to the body, and a more comfortable patient. What this means is giving multiple types of pain medications before, during, and after surgery. In the past, veterinarians used to believe that keeping an animal in some level of pain after a procedure would keep them quiet, thus promoting healing. In fact, this widely believed tenant is just plain untrue.

Unfortunately, some veterinarians still hold onto this belief. A painful animal is a stressed animal, and that delays healing. Also, many veterinarians are comfortable with performing surgeries on anesthetized patients without offering actual pain medications. An anesthetized patient can still feel pain. While their mind may not be aware of what is happening, their body responds to a painful stimulus by releasing many chemicals which can increase inflammation post-operatively and delay healing.

At Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, pain management is important to us. All pets undergoing a surgical procedure are pre-medicated with injectable anesthetics to lesson anxiety and begin the pain management process. A local block is given at the surgical site, which numbs the area for several hours post-operatively, so your pet wakes up from their procedure quiet and comfortable. In addition, pets are sent home with several days of anti-inflammatories, which promote healing by decreasing inflammation.

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