Pawsitive Tail: Maggie

Pawsitive Tail: Maggie

We all love happy endings, especially when it involves care for our pets. The story on how we get the positive story is always interesting. 

The Challenge 0535955001606167195.jpg
Maggie, a beautiful 10-year-old Belgian Shepherd, was having recurring urinary tract infections. The treating veterinarian changed her prescription and dosage several times in hopes that her infection would resolve. She was becoming less active and gaining weight and didn’t seem her usual perky self. 

After the fourth round of antibiotic treatments didn’t work, Maggie went to see Dr. Newman. 

The Solution 
Dr. Newman looked Maggie over, and knew what to test for: diabetes. After drawing and testing her blood, Dr. Newman confirmed her suspicions. She suggested that Maggie go on a diet, and prescribed Vetsulin. She showed Maggie’s mom how to give the insulin shot and sent her home with syringes and insulin. Maggie didn’t mind getting two shots a day, but what she did mind was being put on a diet. She wouldn’t eat the Science Diet or Royal Canin food, so it was difficult to regulate her blood sugar levels. 

The follow up appointments didn’t show any improvement in Maggie’s blood sugar, and Maggie had developed thick, scaly skin on her back. Dr. Newman believed that Maggie also had Cushing’s disease and put Maggie on Vetyrol. Now Maggie was getting a shot and a pill in the morning, and a shot and a pill at night. 

Dr. Newman continued to adjust her insulin dosage. She was losing a little bit of weight, but she was starting to get 0374969001606167230.jpglethargic again. 

Maggie spent a lot of time in Dr. Newman’s office, and a lot of time with Quinn! Dr. Newman tested her blood regularly and adjusted her medications to control both diseases. But Maggie continued to struggle, so Dr. Newman sent her to the emergency hospital in Idaho Falls for several nights. Maggie got to spend time in the hyperbaric chamber to get pure oxygen into her system in hopes that it would help. 

She finally started to improve, and her skin returned to normal. 

The Result 
Over the course of a few months, Maggie began acting like her old self. She never flinched when getting her insulin shots, and even got used to taking her pills. She was also at a good weight. 

Although her blood sugar levels were never normal, thanks to Dr. Newman, Maggie lived another three years! 

If you have a Pawsitive Tale you’d like to share, let Dr. Newman know by calling her at 208-233-2844. We’d love to spotlight your pet!

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